Iso-Tip, there’s a lot in our name. For more than 40 years we’ve been building the 7000 series soldering irons and the PRO’s tell us they stand apart from the rest.

Our Isolated Tip design gives high temps fast at the push of a button, anyplace. You might just find yourself done with the job while other irons are still heating up. By isolating the tip we prevent electrical leakage that may cause component damage while soldering. Most soldering irons offer only a few tip choices, over the years we have developed more than 20 tips to meet your soldering needs. Our High efficiency tips give you a quicker heat-up time and use less battery life. The Long Life tips are Nickel plated and designed for more continual use and will meet all of your tougher tasks. Our long list of standard tips will work well for your general soldering needs. For over 40 years professionals have looked to us for advancements in portable soldering and we have enjoyed meeting that challenge.

If you’ve never tried one of our cordless irons we hope you will. We also supply other “tools worth discovering” for heating, finish work and the tough soldering jobs. If you have a need let us know, we do appreciate input from the people that use our products. Not all soldering irons and especially tips are the same. Let us know what you think, we enjoy what we do and appreciate the people we do it for.

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Black Friday? No Thanks…Only criminals tell you to come out at 4 in the morning for a three-dollar DVD player!



Iso-Tip is getting into the Black Friday Spirit and we are offering you these great deals on our products…

When you purchase any rechargeable soldering iron (#7700, #7800, #7904) from Iso-Tip from NOW thru Monday, November 30. You will receive a FREE Smart Torch Titan when you purchase any of our rechargeable battery operated soldering irons.

7710 Kit 20

Also because that wasn’t enough, we are offering you to receive 20% OFF of Iso-tip 7710 Kit when you purchase this item between NOW thru Monday, November 30. You will find the discounted price in the shopping list.

Model #7700 Cordless Soldering Iron Retrofitted to an LED Lamp

ElectronicsNMore sent over this great product review on our Quick Charge Pro Model #7700 cordless soldering iron.  Throughout his review he shows how we upgraded the soldering iron to an LED bulb rather than the incandescent. He also upgraded the iron to have the indicator light to show the iron was receiving a charge.  Check out the review below and his YouTube channel for more great information!  Thanks ElectronicsNMore!

HamRadioConcepts YouTube Channel Reviews Model #7700 Cordless Soldering Iron

Another amateur radio YouTuber’s did a great review on our Model #7700 Quick Charge Soldering Iron. He’s right to why we continue to use the Ni-Cad battery rather than upgrading to a lithium. Every year we review the different upcoming battery options, but we still believe the Ni-Cad is best for our soldering irons. Check out the review below. Thanks HamRadioConcepts!

Gourd Art Created Using Butane Soldering Torch, Filer/Sander Tools

As a small manufacturer we don’t see many customers walk through our doors to purchase a product. But once in awhile we will see a few, including this customer.  A few months back a customer had stopped by to purchase another Pro 120 Butane Soldering Torch, so naturally we all gravitated towards him asking him about his projects. He had then informed us that he uses our butane soldering torches and corded filer/sander kit to create gourd art! Something that was completely new to our office, he shared these pictures with us.

IMG_20130512_103423 IMG_20120103_120356 IMG_20130512_111049 IMG_20120309_095408

HAM Radio Blogger Reviews Model# 7700 Cordless Soldering Iron

Hamrad88 YouTube Channel reviewed our Model# 7700 cordless soldering iron. Soldering a couple of joints he thought our soldering iron performed well! Hamrad88 is an amateur radio operator who produces YouTube videos and we did a pay-it-forward for his great channel.  Check out some of his other videos to learn more about HAM radios & antennas.

Thanks Hamrad88 for the great review!