Iso-Tip, there’s a lot in our name. For more than 40 years we’ve been building the 7000 series soldering irons and the PRO’s tell us they stand apart from the rest.

Our Isolated Tip design gives high temps fast at the push of a button, anyplace. You might just find yourself done with the job while other irons are still heating up. By isolating the tip we prevent electrical leakage that may cause component damage while soldering. Most soldering irons offer only a few tip choices, over the years we have developed more than 20 tips to meet your soldering needs. Our High efficiency tips give you a quicker heat-up time and use less battery life. The Long Life tips are Nickel plated and designed for more continual use and will meet all of your tougher tasks. Our long list of standard tips will work well for your general soldering needs. For over 40 years professionals have looked to us for advancements in portable soldering and we have enjoyed meeting that challenge.

If you’ve never tried one of our cordless irons we hope you will. We also supply other “tools worth discovering” for heating, finish work and the tough soldering jobs. If you have a need let us know, we do appreciate input from the people that use our products. Not all soldering irons and especially tips are the same. Let us know what you think, we enjoy what we do and appreciate the people we do it for.

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Replacement Parts for Older Soldering Irons

We receive a number of questions from our customers about the older irons dated back to 1970.  The good news is we do rebuild those and offer an exchange program if a replacement part isn’t available or the iron is beyond rebuilding.  You can send your soldering iron into us and we will bring the iron up to date by replacing the battery, bulb, wires, transformer, etc. With a small fee of $24.95 +shipping, we recommend this for a handful of the irons especially the #7800 models.  Give us a call at 715-831-6353, we will provide you with an RMA number to include with your package.  Please ship the iron to 704 Bartlett Avenue, Altoona, WI 54720.

Another option is to purchase the replacement parts and rebuild it yourself. The nice thing about most all of our iron owners is that they know what they are doing inside electronics.

We’re all about color coordination at Iso-Tip…

The orange 7700 model iron can be replaced with any of our current grey #7700 model parts, including the #7733 battery & #7728-100 charging base.

For the #7500 Iso-Tip SI model iron, you can also use any of the products associated with the #7700 model.

If you still have the screw base bulb in your iron we have a limited supply of those. If you would like to update to the bayonet style we have the parts for that also, and yes we have looked at the LED options.
If you have any questions or need further information, give us a call.

Paying It Forward to the Electronics Community

Iso-Tip has been paying-it-forward to the electronics community this year for teaching humans about electronics.  As our way of saying Thank You, we are sending bloggers in the electronic community our QuickCharge Pro #7700 model soldering iron.  Check out a few of the electronic masters that we have already sent one to…

Paul Budzik – Soldering for Scale Modeling

EricTheCarGuy – How to Solder

KipKay – Laser Tripwire

Jimmie Rodgers – Soldering Setup for Workshops

Martin Lorton – Solar Power and Electronic Measurement Equipment

Randy Hall – How to Build: Ham Radio 2 Meter Quarter Wave Antenna & HAM Nation Podcast

If you know of someone who you think is deserving of a free #7700 soldering iron, shoot us an e-mail and we will be sure to check them out!

FYI: What Tip Should You Buy?

We get quite a few customers that ask us “What tip can I buy for my soldering iron?”  The answer is easy!  First, are you looking for tips for a cordless soldering iron or a butane iron? If you have a butane iron (#7971, #7974, #7977)  you can use any of the Pro tips listed.  If you are using our cordless soldering irons (#7700, #7800, #7904) you can use any tips from the high efficiency, long life, and/or standard families.  We thought we’d make it easy, make them universal… made sense.  There are 14 different styles of tips, and if you’ve never looked check them out.  They’re interesting.

Still not sure?  Just visit our shop, find your iron, and within the product description you will see which tips match your iron.  It really is that easy!

Iso-Tip 7700 – Welding Plastics

Iso-Tip 7700 – Welding Plastics

We had a customer that we built a part for and the drawing called out a small breathing or bleed hole. After we made the parts the customer decided they didn’t want the small hole. The customer was out of the country so shipping the parts back to rebuild them was not a great option… or at least it would have cut into my year-end bonus a bunch. We solved the problem by using a flat knife like tip on the 7700 cordless soldering iron and welding the hole closed. Try using a 7700 next time you have a plastic part that’s broken or needs modification, it works slick.

7000 Series Cordless Soldering Iron Differences

We get asked this question many times, so I thought it might be wise to post this. Yes, every now and again Joe Iso-Tip has a good idea.

So here’s the difference between our soldering irons to help determine the one for you…

First of all, the 7000 series irons (7700,7800,7904) can use any of the tips; they are all interchangeable. That said, they all heat up quickly…very quickly. In fact, it’s around 10 seconds. You move the red dial on all of them to unlock and push the button. The light will shine on your solder joint and remain on until you have the heat you want, then release the button. Press again for more heat. All models work the same and very simple to operate.

I have to caution you at this point because everyone who gets our iron thinks I’m kidding. They get an iron, hold the button down for 3 to 4 seconds, and then touch it to their finger. Shortly thereafter they yell, “Boy! That was stupid!” They learn the hard way that the iron heats up fast. I should make a video of this because everyone does it, and yes, it’s funny to watch. I always say “What? Did you think I was kidding?”

Now we all know the tips are interchangeable between irons. The 7700 is the basic unit and the biggest seller for good reason. It’s like the difference between electric and crank up windows in your car. Windows aren’t that hard to crank  and when a motor or switch goes out in electric ones, it becomes costly and a real pain to deal with. The 7700 is the crank up window version of our soldering irons. The people that use them will use words like dependable, bullet-proof, and easy, since it’s simple to change the battery.

The 7800 is the same iron as the 7700 but with a quick-charge mode added. The 7700 and 7800 will both perform roughly 125 solder joints on a circuit board. I know that number is a hard thing to determine, but we had to come up with something. If you put a heat sink on the tip, and hold the button down continuously, it will stay at max heat for about 20 minutes solid. Most people use it for a few joints, pop it back in the charger, and it keeps on tickin’. If your battery goes down and you need it charged quickly, the 7800 has a white slide button on the side. Sliding that down will put the iron in quick-charge mode. From a dead state, it will charge in about 60 minutes. The 7700 will take 4 hours from dead. The way we accomplish that is neat, but again, it’s like electric car windows. The majority of people who want a battery replaced in the 7800 send it in to us for a complete rebuild of the iron and charger. Oh! I forgot to mention that WE REBUILD OLD IRONS.

The 7904 Iron is the same as the 7700 except it is longer in length due to it having a larger battery which will do roughly twice the number of solder joints per charge. The 7904 has no quick charge feature, which means it takes 4 hours from dead to charge, same as the 7700.