Iso-Tip, there’s a lot in our name. For more than 40 years we’ve been building the 7000 series soldering irons and the PRO’s tell us they stand apart from the rest.

Our Isolated Tip design gives high temps fast at the push of a button, anyplace. You might just find yourself done with the job while other irons are still heating up. By isolating the tip we prevent electrical leakage that may cause component damage while soldering. Most soldering irons offer only a few tip choices, over the years we have developed more than 20 tips to meet your soldering needs. Our High efficiency tips give you a quicker heat-up time and use less battery life. The Long Life tips are Nickel plated and designed for more continual use and will meet all of your tougher tasks. Our long list of standard tips will work well for your general soldering needs. For over 40 years professionals have looked to us for advancements in portable soldering and we have enjoyed meeting that challenge.

If you’ve never tried one of our cordless irons we hope you will. We also supply other “tools worth discovering” for heating, finish work and the tough soldering jobs. If you have a need let us know, we do appreciate input from the people that use our products. Not all soldering irons and especially tips are the same. Let us know what you think, we enjoy what we do and appreciate the people we do it for.

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For Our International Customers: Step Up/Step Down Transformer

We received a step up/step down transformer that can be very useful to our international customers! Since other countries have different outlets and run on a different voltage, this transformer allows you to use their plugs. For instance, the customer was able to connect their Iso-Tip charging base to the transformer to generate juice to the cordless soldering iron.

Star Lite Transformer WTG100, step up transformer, step down transformer

This Star Lite Transformer WTG100 is utilized by plugging the two prong plug into the outlet and then plugging the different plug into the transformer.

This Star Lite Transformer WTG100 is utilized by plugging the two prong plug into the outlet and then plugging the different plug into the transformer (see pictures below). It can either step up or step down the voltage with a flick of a switch. It allows these capabilities of transforming higher or lower voltage by heating up coils inside which lets off heat. When you want it to function as a step down transformer, it will take 220V and drop it down to 110-120V. When using it as a step up transformer, it will boost the voltage from 110V to 220-240V. The step up function is most commonly used in the United States when using another country’s output, and the step down function is mostly correlated with using a United States plug in a different country.

Along with the transformer came a different outlet plug adapter that is used in different areas across Europe. The prongs are flat and angled at 45 degrees to fit another specific outlet. This is able to attach to the two prong plug for easy alteration.

Using Iso-Tip to Create Model Railroads

We love hearing how customers are putting our cordless soldering irons to use.  Check out this one…

Rick has created a HO model railroad layout of Jenkins Curve on the New Haven Railroad in Bridgeport, CT with the help of our cordless soldering irons. Using our extended tips, he is able to repair and modify his strung catenary. The cordless soldering iron and tip varieties make the detail work of Rick’s HO layout easier!

Here’s a picture of Rick’s catenary.  The detail is crazy!


Iso-tip, cordless soldering irons, HO layout, catenary

Iso-Tip Customer uses extended tips to assemble HO layout’s catenary.

Grey 7700 Charger Base Problem

2 basesIf you have a grey 7700 charging base that the soldering iron doesn’t fit into properly and the unit will not charge…Read On. We always work to build the best product we can for our customers because we like em.. but sometimes things slip through and that is what happened. A small tab in the base of the charger was left by our molders and it shouldn’t be there. You have several choices, you can send it to us and we will replace it with a new one and put a new tip in the box to cover your shipping, or you can follow the directions below and fix it yourself. Don’t worry about breaking it if you fix it yourself we’ll replace it because we messed up and we should. To repair the base FIRST UNPLUG THE CHARGER yes FIRST UNPLUG THE CHARGER oh did I say UNPLUG IT.  Look at the images they show the tab that doesn’t belong.  With the charger unplugged you can cut or break the small plastic tab off. I t does not all have to be gone to operate properly. You can use a needle nose pliers or a nippers or whatever you have that will work. Try to not bend the 2 silver contacts that are on either side of the unwanted tab. If you break it give us a call we’ll take care of it. We wouldn’t give this information out to most people but the people that own these irons seem to be really smart.  I would also like to thank the customer that brought this to our attention we do appreciate it.

Iso-Tip: Creating Nanospark

Nanospark, another division of Senasys, is making good use of our Iso-Tip irons. With the use of Iso-Tip soldering irons, Nanospark is able to connect with multiple pieces of equipment. Iso-Tip contributed to the manufacturing of the Nanospark Controller, and can be used for personal practice.IMG_0175

 As I was creating a demo for the Nanospark Controller, I found how useful Iso-Tip irons were to my project. As I was setting up an alcohol sensor for a demo, I found it easy to solder my ground, power, and analog wires to the alcohol sensor module. Now, not only did this keep me organized, but it looked clean!  I didn’t have a wire mess, and my audience can understand the features of this intuitive device without having to dig around the wiring. Giving it a professional appearance, I used a Titan Smart Torch to add shrink tube at the connection points.

I began wondering if these irons are used elsewhere by the Senasys team (of which Iso-Tip and Nanospark are divisions). They are! On the assembly side of Nanospark we’re using the 7904 Power Pro with a Micro tip (#7566) to solder the wires to the connector pin and to the circuit board. The fine tips get between the wires without burning the board or melting other joints. On a given day we will solder about 200-250 joints so a second 7904 is ready on the charger just in case.


To learn more about the Iso-Tip products please visit our store.  To learn more about Nanospark please visit

Makers Workbench put the 7700 Soldering Iron thru the paces… check out the youTube video and their review

We sent out a 7710 soldering kit to Makers Workbench for a review and they did a video of the testing  They also wrote their product review on their site… Check it out I know I have been saying it is good but I’m on the payroll … Thanks Guys for checking it out.