Iso-Tip, there’s a lot in our name. For more than 40 years we’ve been building the 7000 series soldering irons and the PRO’s tell us they stand apart from the rest.

Our Isolated Tip design gives high temps fast at the push of a button, anyplace. You might just find yourself done with the job while other irons are still heating up. By isolating the tip we prevent electrical leakage that may cause component damage while soldering. Most soldering irons offer only a few tip choices, over the years we have developed more than 20 tips to meet your soldering needs. Our High efficiency tips give you a quicker heat-up time and use less battery life. The Long Life tips are Nickel plated and designed for more continual use and will meet all of your tougher tasks. Our long list of standard tips will work well for your general soldering needs. For over 40 years professionals have looked to us for advancements in portable soldering and we have enjoyed meeting that challenge.

If you’ve never tried one of our cordless irons we hope you will. We also supply other “tools worth discovering” for heating, finish work and the tough soldering jobs. If you have a need let us know, we do appreciate input from the people that use our products. Not all soldering irons and especially tips are the same. Let us know what you think, we enjoy what we do and appreciate the people we do it for.

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Batterymaker Showcased Model 7700 Quick Charge Soldering Iron

Batterymaker, a YouTube personality, showcased our Model #7700 Quick Charge Cordless Soldering Iron by illustrating some great applications where our cordless tools are convenient.  From small spaces to outdoor solder jobs, Batterymaker endorses the soldering iron stating it’s a “Handy, easy to grip, and warms up quick. You can’t beat it!” Watch the video below to find out what else Batterymaker had to say about our cordless soldering iron!

Don’t forget to share with us how you use our heat tools below in the comment section! Maybe your application will be featured next!

Thanks for the great review, Batterymaker!

Pro 90 Butane Soldering Iron Stands Apart from the Rest – Model #9010

Tampatec did it for us again! Check out his video below comparing our new Model #9010 Pro 90 Butane Soldering Iron Kit to the Pro 50 butane soldering iron.  As he noted, this iron is great for heavy duty solder joints. See what he thought of the tool below, or click here.

7700 Cordless Soldering Iron Put To the Test

We recently came across InTheTubeDeep’s YouTube review on our Model #7700 QuickCharge Cordless Soldering Iron. The user was very impressed with how fast the iron heated up – less than 10 seconds! Check out what he had to say about our soldering irons.  Also, he is correct… When soldering 10 AWG wire this isn’t the tool, even at 12 AWG it gets tough.  We recommend using our butane soldering irons when you come across that heavier wire.  Thanks for the great review InTheTubeDeep!

Cordless Soldering Iron Used to Retrofit Old Lights to LED

Sixtyfiveford recently showcased one of our soldering irons in his latest video, Convert Old Light Fixtures to LED.  Sixtyfiveford thought the Model #7700 Cordless Soldering Iron was a basic and simple soldering iron that beats other cordless soldering options available. Watch the video below – Thanks Sixtyfiveford!

Why not a LED lamp?

A review from grayfurnaceman on YouTube raised a question that many people ask, why doesn’t Iso-Tip use a LED bulb for their soldering irons?

The reason we have not changed out the incandescent bulb to an LED is it is not cost effective at this time. We know the LED is better when it comes to energy consumption then the incandescent so we continue to review this option and hope in the near future we are able to make the switch.

In his review he states the tool is a “neat little tool” and one that can be taken out to solder where there is no power. Thanks grayfurnaceman for a great review.