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Power Pro Soldering Iron Kit – Boxed (#7904)


MODEL #7904

– Fully recharges in 3.5 to 4.0 hours

– High-capacity battery provides up to 30 minutes of continous use

– 200 solder joints per charge during continuous use


Product Description

The Power Pro’s high-capacity battery provides up to 30 minutes of continuous soldering.

The 7904 iron is the same as the 7700 except it is longer because it has more battery, and will do roughly twice the number of solder joints per charge. The 7904 has no quick charge feature, it is a 4 hour from dead, same as the 7700.

Note: The ONLY difference between the #7944 and the #7904 is the packaging. The #7944 is packaged in a clear clam pack and the #7904 is boxed.

Includes:cordless rechargeable Power Pro soldering iron, charging stand, Ni-Cd battery, high-efficiency fine tip #7545-100, high-efficiency chisel tip #7577-100 and instructions.

5 out of 5 Star Customer Rating on Amazon

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Additional Information

Weight 1.5 lbs


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