“60” Pro Charge Soldering Iron Kit – Boxed (#7800)

“60” Pro Charge Soldering Iron Kit – Boxed (#7800)

Fastest charge on the market!
The "60" Pro Charge fully recharges in just 60 minutes.

Includes:cordless rechargeable "60" Pro Charge soldering iron, charging stand, Ni-Cd battery, standard fine tip #7545, standard chisel tip #7577 and instructions.

MODEL #7800
- Up to 125 solder joints per charge during continuous use
- Battery recovers rapidly when returned to stand between uses
- Fastest charge on the market - recharges in one hour

Note: The ONLY difference between the #7840 and the #7800 is the packaging. The #7840 is packaged in a clear clam pack and the #7800 is boxed.

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